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Staff Information

Tom Parker

Tom Parker worked at The Herzfeld Group for 15 years. He retired near the end of 2005, but still holds a position as a consultant to Paul Herzfeld.

Tom earned a degree in business administration from The Principia College. He then served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, working in coded communications as a specialist and military advisor in Taiwan. He studied at the University of Pittsburgh, trained in methods of management at H. B. Maynard & Co. and studied computer business applications at Honeywell Corp. His interests include his devotion to his wife, Renee, 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and various hobbies like racquetball, music appreciation, animals and nature. He likes surfing and skin-diving and has a private pilot's license. A native of Pennsylvania, he and Renee travel there, as well as to Atlanta and Seattle to be with family whenever possible.

Tom exudes joy in his work and play. His outlook is like that of the garden sundial, about which he states: "I record only the sunny hours."

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