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Staff Information

Paul Herzfeld

You've attended his workshops. You've read his biography. He manages your investment portfolio, advises you on tax matters, handles your financial planning and has written your legal documents including your will and trusts. Exemplifying the highest entrepreneurial spirit, he manages his own business success, a company providing retirement services and money management for numerous satisfied clients. Yes, you already know a lot about him. But did you know…

…about his great interest in pursuing excellence? Whatever Paul undertakes he strives to excel. Paul loves sports, and is an avid basketball player (he plays regularly in the St. Pete Men's League.) On the more relaxing side, he loves golf, and would like to get in a round at least weekly, but sometimes has to settle for monthly. His friends say his approach to sports is "relaxed intensity!" In the non-participatory mode he loves watching football, hockey and basketball.

Paul is a very positive person. His friendly demeanor is genuine and disarming, so you would hardly expect to hear anything negative about him.

He is not one to shy away from hard work; but other than sports, his interests tend to be less manual, more cerebral. Born of intellectual parents, Paul quite naturally pursued academia. He graduated from Kinnelon High School, in Kinnelon, NJ, third in his class, and holds still unbeaten scholastic records there. Then went on to undergraduate and graduate work at Princeton, Washington University, and The College of William and Mary.

Paul was born in Washington, DC. He has two brothers, both older than he. His mother still lives in Kinnelon, and his dad (Charles, whom you know helped initiate what now is The Internet) lives in Silver Springs MD. Following graduation from The College of William & Mary in 1983, Paul moved to Florida, lived in Indian Rocks Beach. There he worked as a waiter at La Cave Restaurant. In the summer of 1984, Paul passed the Florida Bar.

Paul is married to Barbara, whom he met at the beach in 1985. Barbara had moved from Washington DC to Florida in 1981 to be near her mom after graduating from East Carolina University in Greenville NC where she earned a BA in Interior Design. She worked as an interior decorator at The Rain Thatch, a furniture store in Clearwater. Paul and Barbara were married and bought their home in Seminole the year after they met! The family has grown to include two precious children, Steven and Katie. Both are skiers, artists, swimmers, and wonderful young people. Katie plays saxophone. Steven loves volleyball.

Hobbies include travel (Hong Kong, Caymans, Hawaii, Japan, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Canada, Mexico). Both Paul and Barbara are skiers and certified scuba divers.

Ideal family? Or is this like one of those awful Christmas newsletters that leaves you wanting to throw up?

No, these people are real. And best of all, they are part of all of us!

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