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Staff Information

Laurie Newton

Any group is a group only by the grace of the forces that hold it together. The Herzfeld Group is no exception. Computer Operator Extraordinaire, Laurie is the central clearinghouse for the majority of activities taking place. Correspondence, billing, scheduling, website, telephone, facsimile, email, compliance applications, record keeping, and follow-up flow through her office. Her gentle sense of humor and wit, combined with an amazing ability to calmly handle the most trying assignments make her a team player of extraordinary value. When asked if she can find time to squeeze in another task, it's not unusual to hear "it's already finished!"

Laurie assists in all client service matters. She handles incoming telephone calls, client financial analysis summaries, billing, compliance and regulatory matters.

A native of Florida, Laurie is married to Jeremy Newton, a firefighter for the city of Seminole. They have four beautiful children; three boys and one girl. (Peyton, Hunter, Jackson and Kylee) Laurie earned an AA degree from SPJC with a major in accounting, and minor in business admin. She also attended USF in St. Pete, where she took accounting. A graduate of the Dale Carnegie public speaking course, Laurie demonstrates a willingness to challenge herself to the utmost.

Hobbies? "I have no time for them," Laurie says. Fact is she loves music, computer programming, church, socializing, scrapbooking, swimming, dancing, but mostly of all being a mom.

In the final analysis, when you call the office, a majority of the time the answerer will be Laurie. She answers because she's eager to be involved and busy holding us all together!

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